Flowers are Forever

My mother and I have built a solid relationship and I have realize the bond we share is very important in my journey in this thing called adulthood. She has always been a great role model and pushed through even when she didn't feel like it and for that I am grateful. I know your wondering why I am in my feelings about my mom but it's because I am very grateful for everything she does for me and how she continues to put a smile on my face which leads me to this dress! This dress!!


On one of our fun family outings to Disney springs we stopped in the Free People location. Free People is one of my favorite stores of choice. The bohemian selection of flowly fabrics, mixed prints, feminine silhouettes, interior and quality captures me every time. As I scanned the great selection of clearance items I spotted this dress that was absolutely stunning the print was bold and the dramatic sleeves sold me! If that wasn't enough the back was completely exposed. I mean talk about making a statement! This dress was perfect and I had to have it. 

Photos by: Shay Captures

My mom saw how much I loved this dress and didn't hesitate to purchase it for me. This dress will always be special to me and I can't wait for the perfect occasion to wear it. This dress makes me feel confident, sexy and comfortable. I chose to keep the accessories simple with a lace up heel to make the dress the focal point. What's that one piece you had to have and what makes it special to you?