About kenesha

Kenesha Trenea, is a style blogger based in San Diego, California. After 25 years on the East Coast life has landed her on the West Coast. She is discovering herself in style, life and self-love while adjusting to her west coast life. Her background in merchandise buying and degree in Fashion Merchandising from the FSU, along with her passion for style, travel, and sharing what she has learned lead her to embark on this blog journey. Her love of style, staying true and pretty things will reflect throughout her blog.

Style Statement is a visual lookbook capturing her  effortless style while also sharing tips on how to define your style and make a statement with confidence. 

She wants to inspire and connect with other style lovers who have something to share through their passions in art, style, business, and beauty. 


Style is a way to say who you are with out having to speak
— Rachel Zoe