Color Play

There is nothing more cozy and comfortable than a knit sweater but when a knit sweater comes in this bomb dress silhouette with two side splits you get the best of both worlds. I could not resist snatching this off the rack at H&M for only $20!! Yes $20. I instantly ran to check out, I didn't even stop at the fitting room. I knew this would fit me perfectly and be a staple in my closet for the upcoming cooler weather. The colors were perfect in bold vertical stripes. I wanted the dress to be the statement so I kept accessories and shoes simple. This embodies my style so well, from the ease of just slipping it on to the color play and how it hugs my curves but not too snug. Lastly, the black leather open toe wedge adds some edge. Style doesn't have to be difficult; it can be as simple as a sweater dress, a pair of open toe wedges and a few pieces of jewelry. Don't overthink it, own it. 


Kenesha LewisComment