New year New goals

Happy New Year Loves!

I know I am late but what's that saying better late than never! Let's talk about this fun look, my goals for the year and the day surrounding it. 

Jumpsuit and Stripes


My number one goal this year is to make meaningful connections and be more involved in the California blogger community. This look was so much fun to put together, because it was my first blogger meet up and collaboration with bloggers in the area. We have an amazing California blogger's facebook group and we decided it was time to  set a date to all meet up with outfits to shoot, connect and create content. It was so much fun and the girls were so inviting and friendly! It was a day that really solidified why I am a blogger. It's amazing when you can make connections with women whose interest and passions align with yours to  create meaningful content, inspire and share with their followers. I commend each and everyone of them because behind the scenes it is not always as glamorous as it looks like changing in the car and or getting kicked out of coffee shops. Oops lol!

Stripes and Fashion


I vowed before the end of 2017 to be more intentional with my decisions, time and where I put my energy. Navigating through adulthood has been an amazing experience as I tap into what I like, what I don't like, what triggers me and what fuels me. And what I may have tolerated or loved when I was younger is not what I may in this stage of my life and that's okay. I am totally fine giving up my title of turn up queen, because I can not hang anymore lol. So it has been very rewarding to really dive into my interests and be very intentional with my time, starting with shamelessly sampling every ice cream flavor at Hammond's Gourmet Ice Cream with my new blogger friends.



I want to travel more this year, it's always inspiring and fun to be immersed in the different cultures. My last trip was to New Oreleans and it was a blast to say the least. I can't believe I went through 26 years of my life without ever having a beignets. Every time I travel I can't wait to go on the next trip, it is like an addiction. Unfortunately, I haven't traveled in months! But living in Cali where people come to vacation makes up for it with so much to see and do! But this year I really want to travel internationally, Thailand is first on my list, then Greece, New Zealand, Cabo and the list can go on and on.  


Now for the details of this fun, easy and comfy look!! I have always wanted to try out the overall look, but finding denim overalls that fit me is impossible. So these navy linen overalls I picked up from Closet Signature were perfect with a wide leg and oversized fit. It is perfect for summer time and very forgiving for the days you want to indulge in tasty eats. I will admit I was a little confused on how to style it, so i thought of colors that compliment navy and found the perfect striped crop from cotton on. I completed the look with some fun statement earrings from Topshop and my favorite espadrille metallic sandals from target. This look checked all my requirements; fun, comfy and made a statement. I had fun shooting with my new blogger babes and can't wait for the next meet up!


Hope you enjoyed this post and my look! What are your goals for the new year?!