Smile Brilliant: Teeth Whitening for beginners

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening for the Novice

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Have you ever wanted to change something about your appearance? Let me rephrase that because we have all at one point wanted to change something to give ourselves a confidence boost. What is it that you would like to change and why is stopping you? Well if I can be very candid I have always struggled with my smile. Growing up I had huge gaps in my teeth and being picked on made me scared to even crack a smile. I would get picked on by friends and family and if I said it didn’t affect me I would be lying. It was so challenging for me that when my parents told me that I had to pick gymnastics over getting braces, I chose braces. I got those braces and my smile was fixed but being a 13-year-old teen keeping up with retainers was a task I couldn’t handle and it was replaced twice, after the second time my parents refused to get me another. My teeth would soon shift and I found myself back in a orthodontist chair at the age of 25. The though of being 25 with braces made me want to run and hide, but I wanted close this gap. I got braces for the second time. After completing the treatment, I wanted to fix just one more thing about my teeth but I was over the time and money I had spent and couldn’t fathom spending anymore on an expensive teeth whitening treatment.

Smile Brilliant reached out to me to try their at home teeth whitening system and I was all in. What intrigued me with the system is that it comes with custom trays that fit your teeth and the price was very affordable depending on sensitivity and stains.

Smile Brilliant Teeth Whitening for the Novice

What's included:

1- Set of custom trays w/ case (Included ingredients to create mold for trays)

2- 27 whitening applications ( whitening syringes and desensitizing gel)

1 syringe has 3-4 applications

Now for the truth:

Being as this is my first teeth whitening kit I had no specific expectations or thoughts but wanting to see a difference in the whiteness of my teeth. What I loved right off the bat was the customs trays and the convenience. I am always on the go between my regular job, freelance styling, traveling or spending time with friends, this system made it easy for me to find the time to do the whiten my teeth. Disclaimer: the first time you will drool as you get use to the trays but after the first time you will be fine. 

Here are some simple and easy tips to receive the best results:

1. Brush teeth with water beforehand
2. Whiten for 45 minutes-3 hours (3 hours max per day! Do not whiten overnight, it can cause extreme tooth sensitivity)
3. Brush teeth with a non-whitening toothpaste (fluoride slows down the whitening process)
4. Rinse trays out with cool water
5. Desensitize for 20 minutes (do not drink or eat for 1 hour after each session)
6. Remove trays, but do not rinse your mouth or brush your teeth, just spit (leave a thin layer of desensitizing gel on your teeth)
7. Sleep! It is the best to whiten before bed so you are not introducing any staining food or drinks. 

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