How I Landed My First Fashion Styling Gig for a Music Video

How I landed my first styling gig!

Sitting in a cube, answering numerous emails for the day, and running to meetings in my current role as a product manager finally making more money than I could have dreamed, but I was unhappy.There were times I sat in my car and cried. I felt lost and being so far from friends and family was not easy. There was a reason I packed up my life and moved to San Diego and sitting behind a desk was not it. I craved some creativity; and wanted badly to be back in the fashion industry. Although, blogging was rewarding and I was blessed with amazing opportunities I wanted a profitable career doing what I love.

Craigslist is my go to search engine (watch out for scams) for everything from jobs to furniture, and I am always utilizing it. So one day I started browsing for fashion related work in San Diego(which is not easy!) and came across a listing for a dresser for a fashion show, so I applied and got booked! To be completely honest I didn’t know what a dresser entailed, but if it involved me being a part of a fashion show in any way I was down. I had no idea what to expect as I walked into the employee entrance and into the model dressing room, but what welcomed me on the other side was unbelievable. The room was lined with garments and the floor was decorated with shoes from top brands like Gucci, Chanel to Self Portrait. I was in awe and was trying to keep my composure. The models were all gorgeous and so sweet. We were all assigned models and were in charge of dressing them for the show and ensuring garments were organized after the show.

While we waited in between walks, the other dressers and I would talk and I clicked with one girl, Brittaney Banks (She is pretty dope) and we ended up working another event together in the future. We kept in contact and started hanging out, she was pursuing a career in styling as well and was so open to helping me. I always loved the idea but was so nervous in making it happen due to my own doubts. She introduced me to her mentor, Lady Maximo, and I continued to work my 9 to 5. It was getting worse each day, I was forced to fight for my role and against the unprofessional culture in the office daily. No one knows but I was put on probation and this was the wake up call I needed. This role was starting to put such a stress on me and the universe was pushing me to make a decision soon. I packed up my beautiful studio and moved into a room to save up and prep for leaving my comfortable paycheck.

In the meantime, I had to decline styling gigs and lose out on opportunities that I really wanted to pursue. Then finally Brittaney’s mentor needed two stylist to help assist on set for a music video for a rapper named Rich Brian sponsored by Skechers Shanghai and she picked me!! I couldn’t believe it was happening, I was nervous and overwhelmed with excitement but I was so ready. The video shoot was so fun and included so many different sets and looks; from a high school scene to a scene on a football field with Rich Brian on the back of a white horse. The days were 12 hours long but being able to experience the behind the scenes and be apart of making it all happen was unbelievable. The video also featured two well known dance groups the Kinjaz and The Lab. You can watch the video here, it reached 1M views on the first day!

Wardrobe styling is so important to any shoot, for brand campaigns, videos, and marketing promotions. I was able to see first hand how this path was rewarding in so many ways and how vital it is. After this video shoot, I had the opportunity to work with models and photographers on other shoots as the head stylist, check out my portfolio here.

My path was not easy but I wouldn’t change a thing, you have to be willing to take what’s your’s, NETWORK and know your situation is only temporary!

How I landed my first styling gig