Ditch the Kitchen with Meal Prep Sunday

I have always been into fitness. I didn’t have a choice in the matter it was in my DNA, my mom was a track star. I ran track, was a gymnast, I cheered, was on the step team, and was on the weightlifting team. In adulthood, fitness became my therapy after long work days and my activity of choice was crossfit. I was strict with my diet and would spend hours in the kitchen prepping for the week ahead. When you make a decision to get a gym membership and commit to being fit, you don’t want all that hard work and money to go to waste. We all know that 80% of reaching your fitness goals starts in the kitchen.

Meal Prep Sunday is a meal prep service based in San Diego with customized meals. When the team reached out to me I was excited to see how they were making an impact in people’s health journey. Meal prepping is the preparation of precooking portioned meals that help you stay on track for your fitness and health goals, save time and money. And if your like me, I put myself through such a guilt trip every time I eat out. Not only does it affect your health but also your wallet. I have a little homework for you, try sitting down and consider how much you spend on eating out in a week. I can honestly say there were times I spent $200 a week eating out and eating at healthier places can run you $12 for a salad! Just knowing I could have spent that money on more healthy options I didn’t have to cook and without the dishes to clean up is inciting enough. Who wants to clean dirty dishes after a long day? Not Me.

You can save money and time with this great service provided by Meal Prep Sunday, while eliminating the need for you to spend hours cooking for the week, instead you can enjoy and rest for the upcoming week. Even if you don’t have specific fitness goals, being healthier should always be a priority. Here’s my list on why you should check out this amazing company:

  • Tasty Fresh, locally farmed all natural ingredients

  • Local San Diego company

  • Personalized meals with workout plans created by industry experts

  • Tasty ( I had to say it again because meal prepping can sometimes be boring and redundant but each meal is flavorful and thoughtful) *If you are interested to see inside the kitchen the team is always posting fun videos on their IG story!

  • Each packaged meal has a label that breaks down grams of protein, fats and carbs as well as reheating time and what day and meal

  • Customize what meals you like from the menu of the week

Personalized meal sign up process in 6 steps:

  • Pick gender

  • Pick age

  • Pick weight

  • Activity level

  • Goal: Loss fat or Tone

  • Pick amount of meals

    • In the note section you can note any allergies

    • Each week the meals change and you will be given a menu to choose from

    • You can cancel at any time

Here is my week of meals with Meal Prep Sunday. For 20% off use my code Style20 !

Meal #1 - Ground Turkey Meatballs withe Pesto and Broccoli salad

Meal #2 - Sriracha chicken, brown rice and green beans

Meal #3 - Blackened Tilapia, rice, edamame

Meal #4 - Yams,Chicken, eggs and veggies

Meal #5 - Portobello Mushroom stuffed with chicken and tomato sauce

Meal #6 - Turkey Meatballs with Pesto brown rice and broccoli