Seamless branding with CaseApp

When I started my blog, I was so unsure of how I wanted it to look. My blog is my digital mark and it needed to accurately represent me and my blog. It had to be eye catching and interest readers to come back. For inspiration and ideas, I looked to other blogs and pinterest, but I was so overwhelmed and decided on a simple template that displayed design elements with my logo.

After a year of blogging, my brand direction and vision was clear. I started compiling a mood board of color pallet, prints and design elements. It took a few months to redesign and make it just the way I wanted but it was so fun and something I had a direct hand in. I realized that my blog will never be perfect but forever evolving as I evolve as a blogger!

With the redesign and branding of style statement, I was contacted by CaseApp, a company that offers over 100 plus premade skins for your laptop/phone as well as custom designs. Talk about alignment! It was seriously the easiest process, once I created the design, I loaded it and confirmed the scale and that was it. I am throughly pleased with the quality of my skins, the colors are bold and vibrant and now I have the perfect branding to match my blog. Check them out and create your very own custom skins for you, your brand or a friend!